Akbar khazaei the only ifbb pro bodybuilding judge from Iran  has justjudged seventh event in NPC show

, the only NPC bodybuilding professional judge from Iran, participated
as one of the 5 judges in the second International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro league or the well-known NPC bodybuilding competition, which was

اکبر خزایی Akbar khazaei

held on January 27, 2023 in Iraq

Four other judges from the US, Holland and Russia called Serge Saric, Amy, Liona and Iliya accompanied him in this competition. Among them, the American Serge Saric was the head judge of this competition. Up to 2022, Akbar Khazaei worked as a judge of IFBB World Amateur Bodybuilding Competitions (directed by Dr. Rafael Santonja from Spain). Since the beginning of 2022, he has quitted IFBB Amateur Competitions judging and has started the professional field of judgement. Accordingly, his name has been recorded as the first and the only NPC professional bodybuilding judge from Iran in IFBB Pro

اکبر خزایی Akbar khazaei

From the beginning of 2022 to the end of this year, he was invited to judge 10 competitions, of which he judged seven competitions in Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan, and Iraq. He missed the IFBB Miami Grand Prix bodybuilding competition as his visa was not granted at the American Embassy in Muscat, Oman. If his visa had been issued, he could have judged in the Mr.Olympia, as well
اکبر خزایی Akbar khazaei

Akbar Khazaei was also invited to judge the competitions of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, but due to difficulty of obtaining visas for these countries, he preferred not to apply for the visas of Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

اکبر خزایی Akbar khazaei


Akbar Khazaei is also one of the international professional bodybuilding coaches and was appointed as the coach of Iran’s national fitness team in 2013. However, after entering the professional judging in IFBB Pro League, according to the related regulations, he no more works as a coach in the field of champion breeding

اکبر خزایی Akbar khazaei


Akbar Khazaei has the following titles and certificates


The first and only IFBB pro bodybuilding professional judge from Iran

International Bodybuilding Judge of the National Olympic Committee

Graduated from Yadegar Imam Azad University in Physical Education and Sports Sciences

NPC professional bodybuilding coach

Former coach of the Iranian national fitness team (year 2013)

Iran’s best bodybuilding coach in 2011

Sports talent scouting technician of Australian ISAC Association

International Bodybuilding judge of Asian Confederation

international bodybuilding coach of Asian Confederation

Bodybuilding and fitness coach at FIMA University of England

International bodybuilding coach of the Ministry of Sports and Iran Bodybuilding Federation

1st grade judge of Iran Bodybuilding Federation

1st grade bodybuilding coach of the Ministry of Sports and Iran Bodybuilding Federation

اکبر خزایی Akbar khazaei

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