Akbar khazaei : Jim Manion and Tyler Manion and all professional bodybuilding judges are fair

Akbar Khazaei On the pretext of Hadi Choopan’s victory in the Las Vegas 2022 Mr.Olympia ,we had a conversation with Akbar Khazaei, the only ifbb professional bodybuilding judge   living in Iran, as follows

هادی چوپان
Akbar Khazaei said that Hadi Choopan’s victory in the Mr. Olympia competition is a historic event and for the first time that it happened to an Iranian, and before that no one believed that one day Sando would come to Iran, because some people saying Regarding the quality of the muscles and genetics of the American champions, they considered the differences between the Iranian and American governments to be the reason for it, but Hadi Choopan’s championship in the Mr.Olympia competition showed that racism ,nationalities and differences between the governments cannot effect on the rights and status of athletes.  And Mr.Jim Manion and Taylor Manion and all professional bodybuilding judges are fair .

Akbar Khazaei is one of the international judge  of bodybuilding who entered the field of international judging since 2007 and in 2022, as the first judge from Iran, he was able to receive his international professional judge card from ifbb pro and in the first half of 2022  He was on the judging panel of Ashoor Classic Libya, Mr. Olympia Tunisia, Iraq Muscle Show, Mr. Olympia Pakistan, and in the second half of 2022, he judged again in the Ashoor Classic competitions of Libya and Tunisia, and in the beginning of 2023, he judged in the second Ashoor Classic contest

Regarding the non-holding of professional bodybuilding competitions in Iran, Akbar Khazaei added: “Unfortunately, this problem is rooted in the lack of complete information of the Iranian sports authorities about the world’s bodybuilding organizations, and they still do not have enough information about ifbb pro, and I have been trying to make it clear for bodybuilders .  I have this issue for them and I hope we will soon see IFBB pro  contests held in Iran .

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