The role of Akbar Khazaei, researcher and coach of bodybuilding sciences, in the development of Iranian Championship Sports

The role of Akbar Khazaei, researcher and coach of bodybuilding sciences, in the development of Iranian Championship Sports,

Akbar Khazaei was born in Iran in 1980. He holds such titles asthe only international professional bodybuilding judge from Iran, coach of the Iranian national fitness team, professional bodybuilding coach, researcher and author of sports medicine contents and dozens of other prominent titles.

Akbar khazaei

How Akbar Khazaei became interested in bodybuilding and coaching:

Akbar Khazaei started sports in his childhood with taekwondo and wrestling. He was 16 years old when he lost his 44-year-old father. Since then, due to his high level of perception, the management of the family was entrusted to him, while he had 3 older siblings and his mother was 39 years old.

In 1994, after watching the Terminator movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played the main role, this bodybuilding sciences researcher became interested in bodybuilding after seeing Arnold’s beautiful body, and by buying a bodybuilding book written by him, he started learning bodybuilding science.Then by translating and reading bodybuilding magazines including Iron Man and FLEX, he also taught bodybuilding to his friends.

Nasser El Sonbaty, Akbar Khazaei’s Coach:

At the age of 17, This internationally recognized sports figurecould connect with Nasser El Sonbaty, one of the Mr. Olympia champions, by searching the Internet, and after that, Nasser Nasser El Sonbaty became Akbar Khazaei’s coach. Accordingly,until the age of 21, Akbar Khazaei participated in different bodybuilding competitions and won many honors and medalswithout the use of prohibited drugs with a natural body.

Akbar Khazaei’s concern regarding the side effects of prohibited drugs among athletes and beginning the sports medicine studies and scientific research:

After seeing that the athletes took overdoses of steroid drugs with no study and research while believing that health and longevity are the priority of everything, this former champion of bodybuilding worked more and more in the field of scientific studies and sports medicine research, because the excessive use of drugs by the athletes has made him worried about the health of the youth such that he continued his studies and research in the field of sports medicine and bodybuilding sciences and chose the major of physical education and sports sciences in the university to learn academic sports sciences along with his practical experiences. Since 2000, he has shared countless articles in the official media to raise the scientific level of athletes and has brought many athletes to the highest level without endangering their health.

Akbar Khazaei’s death threat by doping mafia:

The fight against doping and the concern about the health of the athletes, which had been at the forefront of the work of this coach and the international bodybuilding circle since 2000, caused many problems for the black trade of those who had underground workshops for the production of nutritional supplements and counterfeit drugs. Hence, the illegal drugs mafia became an enemy of him so that occasionally they threatened him with death, sometimes he got injured in this way, for example, his car was destroyed secretly 15 years ago.

Honoring Akbar Khazaei by Iranian and international sports authorities for his valuable activities that raised champions and improved the health of athletes in all sports fields

Such professional activities of Akbar Khazaei did not go away from the eyes of the sports officials and were recognized by Dr. Mohammad Razi, the president of the Asian Sports Medicine Confederation and Dr. Pourkazmi, the president of the Iran Sports Medicine Federation and the secretary of the Asian Anti-Doping Headquarters. Thus, he was honored and given special acknowledgement during a ceremony on the national television of Iran and he became a famous and popular person in sports for his valuable activities that lead to raising champions and improving health of athletes of all sport fields.

Akbar Khazaei, advisor to the founder of the Iranian Bodybuilding Federation:

This sports medicine researcher worked for many years as an advisor to Mr. Yazdan Rad, the founder of the IranianBodybuilding Federation and one of the bodybuilding legends of the Asian continent, and in the last days of amateur bodybuilding, he was a member of the board of judges of the Iran Bodybuilding Federation, while he was also a trainer inbodybuilding judging classes in Iran.

Akbar Khazaei’s entry in the professional judging:

Since 2000, this former bodybuilding champion has started judging bodybuilding along with coaching, and since 2007 he has been the youngest bodybuilding judge from Iran in Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (ABBF) in 2015 he became a judge certified by the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB).  Accordingly, until 2022, he participated in numerous Iranian and international competitions under IFBB as a head judge, but as he was very interested in IFBB PRO and considered this organization to be the world’s largest bodybuilding authority, in 2018, he planned to enter IFBB PRO judging and participated in the Muscle Sports competition held in Singapore and gained good judging experiences from IFBB PRO along with Ms. Sandi. However,one of the mentioned Iranian drug mafias blocked his way.

Akbar Khazaei’s official entry to IFBB PRO:

Finally, Akbar Khazaei said goodbye to amateur bodybuilding in 2022, and after passing the relevant test, he officially entered the field of IFBB PRO judging, and as the first professional judge from Iran, his name was registered in IFBB PRO and he has judged numerous bodybuilding competitions.

Akbar Khazaei’s professional judgment coaches:

This bodybuilding professional judge regards Mr. Tyler Manion, Mr. Serge Saric and Ms. Sandy Williamson as his professional judgment coaches in professional judgment. He said that he used Mr. Tyler Manion and Ms. Sandy Williamson’s materials in IFBB pro judging through webinars and studied their articles, and also practically has gained a lot of experience in the science of professional bodybuilding judgment from Mr. Serge Saric, and he thanks and appreciates these people as his judgment coaches, and he also deeply appreciates Mr. Mo Barakat as his own brother, who always leads him towards success and progress.

Akbar Khazaei’s farewell to coaching and champion raising in bodybuilding:

According to IFBB PRO rules, Akbar Khazaei said goodbye to coaching and champion raising after entering professional judging and currently works only as a bodybuilding coach in the field of public health and fitness.

Personal characteristics of Akbar Khazaei:

Of the personal characteristics of this bodybuilding professional judge, it is interesting to note that nothing is as enjoyable as helping the needy for this professional bodybuilding judge, because he believes that if we help the needy people in any field, the positive effects will return to us in this world. For example,during the pandemics of Covid-19, Akbar Khazaei, together with the best doctors treating Covid in Iran, who were among Akbar Khazaei’s athletes, formed a work team to visit and treat patients and provide them with the necessary medicines for free.This was while even some doctors did not leave their homes for fear of suffering the virus, however, Akbar Khazaei was among the patients for 3 months and visited his family and children from a distance and from behind the glass and did not enter his house. In this way, he got infected severely by Corona Virus and as a side effect of this disease, his immune system became impaired and hyperactive, and he is currently using drugs that suppress the immune system, and this complication may remain with him for the rest of his life.

Akbar Khazaei’s wish:

Unlike his serious face, this sports science researcher is having a kind heart and respects the culture and civilization of several thousand years of Iran and the charter of Cyrus the Great, the king of Iran 2400 years ago, and hates war and bloodshed between countries and people, and hopes that a day will come when according to the order of Cyrus the Great, the emperor of Iran, all people of the world with any religion can live with each other freely in complete peace and tranquility.