Biography of Akbar Khazaei, only Professional IFBB PRO Body Building Judge in Iran

Tehran (ISNA) – Akbar Khazaei (born on August 11, 1980) is the only IFBB PRO bodybuilding judge from Iran.


He has moved the boundaries in bodybuilding in all fields and is a scientific and technical figure, as well.

Khazaei has acquired various international certifications and positions in bodybuilding, the most prominent of which include the only Iranian professional judge of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB_pro ), coach of Iran’s national fitness team, premier international bodybuilding coach and so on.

He also has been the head coach of sever famous and well-known clubs in Tehran.

Akbar khazaei اکبر خزایی
Judging records from beginner to professional:

Akbar Khazaei entered the world of judging  a few years after his official coaching career, and in addition to coaching, he also did judging in Body Building tournaments . In 2006, he attended the judging classes of the Iranian Body Building Federation and received his 3rd grade judging certificate, and in 2007, he acquired the international position of the Asian Bodybuilding And  Sports Federation judge (ABBF).

Akbar khazaei

Then, in 2015, after passing tests judge , he officially became a judge of Amateur International Federation of Fitness & Bodybuilding (IFBB Pro)

Akbar khazaei

He worked for about 15 years in the field of amateur judging at the national and international levels. Meanwhile, he was a member of the directing board of judging committee of the Iranian bodybuilding and fitness federation. However, as he was a critic of the policies of the IFBB amateur bodybuilding federation, he left this organization in February 2022

Akbar khazaei اکبر خزایی

Then, in March 2022, he succeeded to be the first Iranian who was able to receive the judging card of the IFBB Pro and to judge in the Ashoor classic competition of the African continent held in Libya.

In the first half of 2022, Akbar Khazaei judged in Tunisia Mr. Olympia, Iraq Muscle Show and Pakistan Mr. Olympia. Then, in the second half of 2022, he was again one of the judges of the professional bodybuilding competitions of Libya Ashoor Classic and Tunisia Mr Olympia. He has also been re-invited to judge in few upcoming competitions.

اکبر خزایی Akbar khazaei

During the above mentioned judgments, Akbar Khazaei’s judging skills  in professional bodybuilding competitions were well noticed, and since merit is the first word in professional bodybuilding organizations or National Physique Committee (NPC), Akbar Khazaei was invited to judge American professional competitions.

Nevertheless, the US embassy in Muscat/Oman surprisingly did not issue him a visa. Had he been issued an American visa, he would have been present in Mr. Olympia Las Vegas 2022 as a professional referee.

Akbar khazaei اکبر خزایی

Coaching records from beginner to professional:

He received his first coaching certificate in 2001, and in 2003, he succeeded in acquiring his first-class coaching certificate as the youngest coach from Iran Weightlifting Federation, which was then, in charge of bodybuilding in the country. Besides, as he was so interested in study and research on the field of sports medicine, he started writing scientific articles in bodybuilding journals such that his articles are used as a scientific reference by many world champions and coaches.

Also he succeeded in receiving the Pro master coaching certification of IFBB Pro, In 2013, he was chosen by the head of Iran’s bodybuilding federation as the coach of the Iranian national fitness team and has led countless athletes from beginners to the highest level of world championships.

Paper and research records:

From the very beginning of his entry into the bodybuilding field, Akbar Khazaei had a special interest in studying sports medicine, and from 2001 he began to write scientific articles in bodybuilding specialized weekly journals such as Alborz, Science and Power, Sports Report, and so on. In the following years, he (as a trusted expert in the field of coaching science and bodybuilding judging )

had frequent conversations with the official and national media of Iran.

He also carried out measures in the field of health and the fight against doping and the abuse of hormonal drugs, which were noticed by the officials of the Iranian Sports Medicine Federation and the Asian Committee of fight against doping, hence, he was appropriately acknowledged in a ceremony by the Iranian Sports Medicine Federation.

Currently, due to the fact that Akbar Khazaei is a professional and active bodybuilding judge, according to the IFBB PRO rules, he is no longer involved in training of bodybuilding athletes, but only in the field of health and fitness, as well as bodybuilding and physical fitness of athletes in other sports fields.

Below are some of the honors and degrees obtained by Akbar Khazaei:

– The first and only IFBB pro bodybuilding professional judge from Iran

– International Bodybuilding Judge of the National Olympic Committee

– Graduated from Yadgar Imam Azad University in Physical Education and Sports Sciences

– NPC professional bodybuilding coach

– Former coach of the Iranian national fitness team (year 2013)

– Iran’s best bodybuilding coach in 2011

– Sports talent scouting technician of Australian ISAC Association

– International Bodybuilding judge of Asian Confederation

– international bodybuilding coach of Asian Confederation

– Bodybuilding and fitness coach at FIMA University of England

– International bodybuilding coach of the Ministry of Sports and Iran Bodybuilding Federation

– 1st grade judge of Iran Bodybuilding Federation

– 1st grade bodybuilding coach of the Ministry of Sports and Iran Bodybuilding Federation End Item