Akbar Khazaei professional bodybuilding judge, After Arnold Classic 2023 said: Dauda is one of the main contestants of Mr.Olympia

  1. Akbar khazaei professional bodybuilding judge said: Samson Dauda has complete superiority over other competitors by having T, V and X, having great muscle mass and proper muscle definition and performing professional poses shows.

Akbar khazaei is only professional Bodybuilding judge and coach from iran

Below are biography of Akbar Khazaei :

Akbar Khazaei, born on 11 August 1980, Tehran, Shahr- Rey,

Height 178, weight 94 kg

married in the year 2002, the result of his marriage with his wife (Akram Azizi) is two children, a daughter and a son named (Ghazaleh & Parsa)

He is currently the only professional bodybuilding judge from Iran in the World Professional Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB_PRO) or “NPC”.

Akbar khazaei also has the positions of the iran in the national fitness team coach in his resume . To know more about this international sports figure and professional bodybuilding judge, we present you his personal and professional biography.

Akbar Khazai ‘s Biography:

He was born on 11 August 1980 in Tehran, 13 Aban, Shahr Ray quarter. He started sports activities in 1989 when he was 9 years old, with taekwondo and wrestling, and entered the field of bodybuilding in 1994 at the age of 14. Khazaei is a graduate of Physical Education and Sports Sciences of Azad University, Tehran Yadgar Imam Shahrari Iran branch, and currently lives in Iran.

Akbar khazaei

Judge’s Biography :

In 2006, Akbar Khazaei obtained bodybuilding judge certificate from Iran Bodybuilding Federation, and in 2007, after attending IFBB judging classes in Thailand, he succeeded in receiving the IFBB certificate and the ABBF judgment book from the Asian Bodybuilding Confederation, In 2015, he succeeded in obtaining the IFBB World bodybuilding Booklet in the IFBB World Amateur judgment Practical Test held in Tehran.  

Finally, at the end of 2021, Akbar Khazaei received Professional Bodybuilding Judge Card after passing the relevant practical test in the Tunisia Masters Olympiad and registered his name as the first IFBB pro bodybuilding professional judge in Iran, and at this point, Akbar Khazaei’s fame was heightened for, before him, no judge in the history of bodybuilding in Iran had been able to achieve this position.

As such, currently, Akbar Khazaei is the only professional judge of the Professional Federation of Bodybuilding or ifbb pro residing in Iran;

The expertise of this professional judge came to the attention of the NPC authorities after the first competitions of the Tunisian Master Olympia and Libya’s Ashour Classic, which were held in the first half of 2022, and he then was invited to that country to judge the American bodybuilding professional competitions. In the middle of 2022, despite the efforts of the person in charge of organizing the American NPC competitions, the American embassy in Muscat did not accept his visa request unabeling him to judge in Master Olympia Tournament.

Coaching Biography:

In 2001, Akbar Khazaei received the coaching certificate from the Weightlifting Federation, which at the time was in charge of bodybuilding. In 2011, he was honored as the best bodybuilding coach in Iranian media and in 2020, he succeeded in receiving the coaching card of professionals of the world or IFBB Pro,

Akbar khazaei

Records of Professional bodybuilding coaching:

From 2001 to 2021, Akbar Khazaei was active in judging along with coaching task and he has lead many students from beginners to professional world championships, and finally in 2013, Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi Ashtiani, head of the bodybuilding federation, appointed him as the first coach of the newly formed Iranian national fitness team.

He is currently working as the head coach of a fitness club in Tehran in addition to his judging career. Moreover, according to IFBB pro rules, his coaching activity is outside the field of training champion and accepting clients to participate in competitions.

Akbar Khazai’s judging records in bodybuilding:

Akbar Khazaei, a professional bodybuilding judge in Iran, has been present in almost all the national and provincial competitions of Iran since 2006 as a head judge or judge, and at the end of 2021, he officially said goodbye to the world of amateur judging by entering IFBB_PRO. And now he just participates in international judging arena IFBB pro.

Records of Akbar Khazai’s Professional Judgment in Bodybuilding:

In the first half of 2022, he was a judge in the Ashoor Classic bodybuilding competitions of Libya, Master Olympia Tunisia, Iraq Muscle Show Sulaymaniyah, and Mr.Olympia Islamabad, Pakistan In December 2022, he was again invited to above mentioned countries to judge Ashoor Classic in Libya and Mr.Olympia in Tunisia and was a member of the judging panel, in the first 2023 Iraq Muscle Show Sulaymaniyah again

The world’s biggest bodybuilding competition is called Mr.Olympia, and if the US embassy had issued Akbar Khazaei’s visa, he could have been one of the judges of the 2022 of Las Vegas Mr.Olympia and would have been  the first judge from Iran.

During the last years, this professional bodybuilding judge of the country has played a role in the health of sports in various ways through talking to the Iran of national TV and other national media such as ISNA, Fars, IRNA, Tasnim, Tabnak and writing scientific articles in specialized bodybuilding publications. For his detailed paper on the side effects of prohibited drugs and promotion of public health, he was honored by Dr. Pourkazmi, the head of the Iran sports medicine federation and the general secretary of anti-doping Asia.

Below are some of the honors and degrees obtained by Akbar Khazaei :

– The first and only international federation bodybuilding professional  judge from Iran

– International Bodybuilding Judge of the National Olympic Committee

– Former coach of the Iranian national fitness team (year 2013)

– Judge of the World Bodybuilding Federation

– coach of the World Bodybuilding Federation

– NPC professional bodybuilding judge

– Iran’s best bodybuilding coach in 2011

– IFBB PRO League bodybuilding coach

– NPC professional bodybuilding coach

– Sports talent scouting technician of Australian ISAC Association

– international bodybuilding coach of Asian Confederation

– International Bodybuilding judge of Asian Confederation

– Bodybuilding and fitness coach at FIMA University of England

– International bodybuilding coach of the Ministry of Sports and Iran Bodybuilding Federation

– 1st grade bodybuilding coach of the Ministry of Sports and Iran Bodybuilding Federation

– 1st grade judge of Iran Bodybuilding Federation

– Graduated from Yadgar Imam Azad University in Physical Education and Sports since

Akbar khazaei writes bodybuilding and sports medicine scientific articles on Instagram and his website :